Design Center 2018 Awards and Events

A Re-Imagined Design Experience

The JCK Las Vegas Design Center is home to a curated destination of collections with a story; representing the individual aesthetic of well established brands and up-and-coming designers like yourself. These design collections are crafted with the utmost integrity, set trends and take risks with their own unique point of view.

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Editor’s Choice Awards

Design Center Editor's Choice

The JCK Editor’s Choice Award honors JCK Design Exhibitors who break the boundaries of innovation and originality, combining new trends and classic ideas. This award has been crafted to celebrate imagination and honor excellence in craftsmanship. Designers will submit the piece they feel best represents their brand. JCK editors will review the pieces pre-show & vote for their selection of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Onsite the Top 3 in each category (Resident, Rising Star and Kickstarter) will get the chance to display their pieces in person in the press office for the duration of JCK.


Kick Starter

  1. Jake Martin
  2. Madison Curry
  3. Elena Lara Bonanomi

Rising Star

  1. Hyrv Jewelry
  2. K. Mita Design
  3. Avigdor


  1. Jorge Revilla
  2. Tresor
  3. The Rock Hound

Top 25 Retailers in Design

Design Center Top 25 Retailers in Design

JCK & LUXURY Design Exhibitors are given the opportunity to help identify the top retailers in the designer jewelry category. Retailers who exceed the standards of excellence in the promotion and sales of designer jewelry were nominated and the Top 25 will be recognized by the community.
Exhibitors that submitted nominations and Retailer Finalists are invited to enjoy a breakfast in celebration of our award recipients.


  • Signet
  • Blue Ruby
  • Dandelion
  • Ok the Store
  • Weston Gallery
  • Aron Faber Gallery
  • DBS Jeweler
  • Lindy's
  • Squash Blossom
  • Windsor Fine Jewelers
  • Aurum Studios
  • David Craig Jewelers
  • Green Lake Jewelery Works
  • Grogan Jewelers by Lon
  • Lanka Jewels
  • Maertens Jewelers
  • Olufson Designs
  • Ringmaster Jewelers
  • Sarah O Jewelry
  • Spicer Cole Fine Jewellers
  • Starfish
  • Susan Saffron Jewelry Boutique
  • Tresa Vorenberg Goldsmiths
  • The Goldsmith
  • Von Bargen's