General Information

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For assistance, please contact our Exhibitor Service Department at 800-257-3626, 203-840-5684 or

Dates & Times for Move-In, Show and Move-Out

Lighting packages are available through Freeman, click here to view form.


Exhibitor freight delivery and booth set-up will follow a targeted move-in schedule. Please refer to the JCK Freeman Quick Facts, for your specific move-in date and time. Please read this information carefully, so you do not incur additional charges. You will need an exhibitor badge or temporary work pass to access the Show floor.

Freight Target Floor Plan

  • We have put together a AGTA Freight Target Floor Plan, Bayside Level Freight Target Floor Plan or Shorelines Level Freight Target Floor Plan to assist everyone in the set-up of their booths. This will allow for the show to open flawlessly and allow enough time to maintain cooler temperature and make sure the entire show floor is clean and set-up on time view Freight Target Floor Plans. Please review carefully. If this policy is not adhered to by each exhibitor additional cost will be incurred.
  • With this policy of the Freight Target Floor Plan, we are requesting that each exhibitor to be set up and moved in no later than 5pm on Wednesday, June 1. Exhibitors will be allowed to tweak/fine-tune their booth after 5pm on Wednesday, June 1 and on Thursday, June 2. All freight doors and any doors to the halls will remain closed after 5pm on Wednesday, June 1.
  • On Wednesday, June 1 after 5pm, all crates, containers, ladders and tool boxes MUST be removed and no booth construction will be permitted after this date and time.  If these items are not removed by this date and time, they will be tagged as empty and forced in to Access Storage at your expense.  Please advise your EAC’s (subcontractors) regarding this policy.



MOVE-IN: Bayside/Shorelines Booths:

Monday, May 23 8:00am - 5:00pm – by Target
Tuesday, May 24 8:00am - 5:00pm – by Target
Wednesday, May 25 8:00am - 5:00pm – by Target
Thursday, May 26 8:00am - 5:00pm – by Target
Friday, May 27 8:00am - 5:00pm – by Target
Saturday, May 28 8:00am - 5:00pm – by Target
Tuesday, May 31 8:00am - 5:00pm – by Target
Wednesday, June 1 8:00am - 5:00pm – by Target
Thursday, June 2 Product Day Only

All exhibits must be completely assembled no later than 5:00pm on Wednesday, June 1, 2016.


Friday, June 3 9:30am – 6:00pm
Saturday, June 4 9:30am – 6:00pm
Sunday, June 5 9:30am – 6:00pm
Monday, June 6 9:30am – 4:00pm

PRODUCT ONLY DAY: Merchandise Pick-Up

  • Product Only Day is intended for picking up your product from your armored car carrier, setting up your product displays and attending to last minute details in your booth. In order to make sure that you're ready to open by 9:30am Friday, June 3, we ask that your merchandise be picked-up from your Armored Cars no later than Thursday, June 2 by 6:00pm. If merchandise is not picked up by this time, it will be available for pick up on Friday, June 3 at 7am on a first come, first served basis and you are NOT GUARANTEED to have your merchandise on time for the 9:30am Show opening.
  • Exhibitors can access the show floor on Show days at 7:00am with their Exhibitor ID Badge.


South Pacific Bayside Level 1 A-D Shorelines Level 2 A-B
Islander Ballroom
Monday, June 6 Show Day Show Day Show Day
4pm-5pm No Labor 4pm-6pm No Labor 4pm-6pm No Labor
Move Out 4pm - 9pm Move Out 4pm-9pm Move Out 4pm-9pm
Tuesday, June 7 Move Out 8am-5pm Move Out 8am-5pm Move Out 8am-5pm
Wednesday, June  8 Move Out 8am-5pm Move Out 8am-5pm

All exhibits must be removed by 5pm on Wednesday, June 8

Be sure that all pieces being shipped out are properly labeled or they may be mistaken for trash.

All materials must be removed by the times noted above. Any items left after these times will be discarded at your expense.


Empty crates and cartons will be returned beginning at 7pm on Monday, June 6 and will be finished by 8:00am on Tuesday, June 7. Please make your travel arrangements accordingly.


There is no labor allowed on the show floor between 4pm and 6pm on Monday, June 6. All exhibits must remain intact until the close of the Show.

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AGTA's GemFair, Cultured Pearl and Jewelry Pavilion at JCK!

South Pacific and Islander Ballroom – North Convention Center


AGTA's GemFair, Cultured Pearl and Jewelry Pavilion!

South Pacific Ballroom:
Booths: AGTA100 – AGTA799

Islander Ballroom:
Booths: AGTA800 – AGTA1299

Tuesday, May 31 8:00am – 5:00pm  - By Target
Wednesday, June 1 8:00am – 5:00pm – Product Day Only



Thursday, June 2 9:30am – 6:00pm
Friday, June 3 9:30am – 6:00pm
Saturday, June 4 9:30am – 6:00pm
Sunday, June 5 9:30am – 6:00pm
Monday, June 6 9:30am – 4:00pm

Exhibitors can access the show floor on Show Days at 7:00am with their Exhibitor ID Badge.


Monday, June 6, 5:00pm – 8:00pm

ATGA Exhibitors must be moved-out of South Pacific and Islander Ballroom at 5:00pm on Tuesday, June 7, 2015. There is NO LABOR allowed on the Show Floor for AGTA between 4pm - 5pm on Monday, June 6.

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Show Information: A-Z Guide

In accordance with display rules and regulations and security measures, children 14 years of age and under, including infants, will NOT be admitted into the exhibit hall at any time (installation, show and dismantling). There are no exceptions to this rule!

Accessible Storage is available at show site for exhibitors to easily access their product samples and literature during show days only. All arrangements for accessible storage must be placed on-site at the Freeman Service Centers. View Accessible Storage Order Form.

PROHIBITIED; In accordance with display rules and regulations, safety and security measures, no pets or livestock will be admitted into the exhibit hall at any time (installation, show and dismantling). There are no exceptions to this rule!

The only Armored Car Companies authorized to service JCK Las Vegas & AGTA are: Brinks, Dunbar, Ferrari, G4S International, and Malca-Amit. The State of Nevada has instituted very strict licensing procedures for all Armored Car Services. These companies above have gone through many procedures including filing of paperwork and employee credentials, presentations in front of the District Attorney board, training, and licensing since the summer of 2006. Please note that this new policy is beyond the control of the Armored Car Services, JCK Show Management, Reed Exhibitions, and is strictly mandated by the District Attorneys of the State of Nevada. We have been told that any Armored Car Companies not listed above will not be permitted in the facility and can not service the exhibitors of the JCK Show.
View the following forms in PDF format:

Freeman AV is the official audio/visual service company for JCK Las Vegas 2016. They will maintain a full staff on site. Refer to the Official Contractors section of this manual for order form.

Each 10' x 10' booth will be set with:

  • Booth carpet
  • AGTA: 8' back drape and 3' side drape
  • 1-1000-watt electrical outlet for Showcases Only
  • 8 ½" x 11" two-sided company identification sign
  • One (1) time vacuuming (Thursday Evening, June 2, 2016), (AGTA – Wednesday Evening, June 1, 2016)
  • One (1) wastepaper basket per booth

Be sure to complete the order form for your complimentary booth ID sign that is located in GENERAL CONTRACTOR section and return to Freeman.
Please do not submit the Electrical Service Order form found under FACILITY/UTILITIES section, unless you require an outlet greater than the 1000 watts provided by Show Management. All electrical outlets will be placed in the back of your booth. If you request the electrical outlet to be placed in a different location, you may incur labor charges.

If required for your Neighborhood, please submit your Booth Package form. You can download your Booth Package form here. A reminder: take advantage of the early-bird pricing and order your booth package by April 20, 2016 to save 30%.

Mandalay Bay Convention Center will operate a full service business center on-site to provide copy and fax services, office supplies and small package shipping and all your business center needs. Business Center information can be found in the FACILITY/UTILITIES section.

Package carpet is provided in the exhibit hall. Exhibitors bringing their own carpet may lay their carpet on top of the package carpet. Exhibitors wishing to have their carpet removed must complete and return the Package Carpet Removal Form to Freeman by May 2, 2016 to have the carpet removed at no charge. Orders received after this date will be charged.

Mandalay Bay Convention Center has exclusive rights to all catering in the facility. Menus can be found in the FACILITY/UTILITIES section. Exhibitors may NOT bring food and beverage into the Mandalay Bay Convention Center from a third party source.

Cleaning crews will be provided for general exhibit hall clean up, including aisles, each day before the opening of the Show and during Show hours. Show management will vacuum your booth the night before the Show opens (AGTA - Wednesday night, June 1, 2016, JCK will be Thursday night, June 2, 2016).  Please place your wastepaper basket in the aisle each night, unless you have ordered booth space cleaning, because cleaning crews will not be permitted to enter your booth. If you need cleaning services in your booth – vacuuming, shampooing, trash removal, you can order these services, refer to the Mandalay Bay Booth Cleaning Services form located in the FACILITY/UTILITIES section. Exhibitors are required to place large trash items and all visqueen in the "Whales" provided by Show Management. Freeman will remove visqueen from Freeman supplied carpet.

Freeman AV is the official computer supplier for JCK Las Vegas 2016. They will maintain a full staff on site for all of your computer needs. Please refer to the OFFICIAL CONTRACTOR section for order information.

If any copyrighted music is to be played in your booth, you must obtain all necessary licenses from the copyright owner or licensing agency representing the copyright owner. The licensing requirements include the playing of live, as well as recorded music, (records, tapes, compact discs, etc.) and also include music, whether it is the essence of the presentation or is only used as background, on a videotape or other presentation.

The proper license must be posted in your booth and available for inspection at the request of Show Management or properly authorized agents of ASCAP or BMI. We advise you to contact these agencies as listed below to acquire the proper licenses:

ASCAP Licensing Dept.
1 Lincoln Plaza

New York, NY 10023
Tel: 212-621-6000
BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.)
10 Music Square East
Nashville, TN 37203-4399
Tel: 800-925-8451, 615-401-2000

Adherence to these federally mandated copyright licensing laws is of critical importance. Failure to do so is both a violation of federal copyright law and a breach of your contract for exhibit space for The JCK Show - Las Vegas 2016. Please take a few minutes to ensure a hassle-free event by acquiring the proper licenses. If you encounter any difficulty with either ASCAP or BMI in your attempt to acquire a license, please contact us immediately.

Empty crates will be removed to storage and returned to your booth beginning at 7:00pm Monday, June 6 and will be finished by 8:00am Tuesday, June 7 by our floor crew at no additional charge, provided you have used material handling services for the delivery of your booth. Many booths will not receive their crates until Tuesday morning after the show closes, so please plan your travel home accordingly. Do not store merchandise in crates or cartons marked for empty storage. We advise you to secure valuables immediately upon the close of the show and return the following day to dismantle your booth.

For your safety and the security of JCK Buyers outside the exhibit hall, The JCK Show does not allow delivery of jewelry merchandise. Please do not ask for or accept delivery from any exhibitor.

The following rules, which govern what an exhibitor can and cannot do with his/her booth space, are based on the physical characteristics of the hall, the wish to be equally fair to all exhibitors, and the safety of all concerned. A quick review of these booth regulations can save you time and money by preventing on-site changes. Hanging signs are prohibited at the JCK Show.

All back walls and sidewalls must be finished or draped if they border an adjacent neighboring booth. See-through back walls or displays which do not cover the back wall completely, will not be allowed.

Walls adjacent to a neighboring booth must be finished, devoid of copy, logos or other graphics and neutral. Advertising and other copy facing an adjacent exhibitor is prohibited above the 10' height limit, unless it is positioned at least 10' from the adjacent exhibitor.

All Exhibitors with a double-decker booth MUST have all walls facing an adjacent exhibitor fully covered. All Double deck booths will require show management approval and Clark County Fire Department approval which will require at the very least detailed blue prints stamped by a licensed structural engineer.

  • No signage or decorative material may protrude into the aisles or encroach upon neighboring booths.
  • No obstruction may be posted, tacked, screwed or nailed to columns, walls, floors or other parts of the building without prior approval from Show Management. Show Management at the expense of the rule-breaking exhibitor, will remedy any damage or defacement caused by infraction of this rule.

Please note that ALL FIRE HOSE CABINETS MUST BE KEPT VISIBLE AND ACCESSIBLE with a minimum 36" clearance. All fire strobe lights Extinguishers must be visible and accessible with a minimum 36" clearance in all directions.

After 5:00pm on Wednesday, June 1, 2016 any part of a booth with unfinished side or backwalls will be draped by Show Management at the expense of the exhibitor.

Exhibitors must staff their booth(s) during all Show hours. Dismantling of your booth prior to the official close of the Show is strictly prohibited and can jeopardize your participation for the following year! Sabbath observers are exempt from the staffing policy as outlined above. On Saturday, June 4, 2016, The JCK Show Management will place a sign at your booth until 9:30am Sunday morning. Your product lines should remain in an assigned vault until Sunday morning.

Storage of empty packing materials within the confines of your booth or behind booth drape is against Fire Marshall regulations. Please tag all materials with Empty stickers (available at The JCK Service Center and Floor Manager Counters). These packing materials will be returned at the close of the Show. Exhibitors are encouraged to consider noise levels from equipment or from demonstrations when planning their booth layouts to avoid interference with neighboring exhibits. Exhibitors should be reminded that if they are doing demonstrations or presentations, they must provide a viewing area for attendees. The use of aisle space for demonstrations, selling merchandise, or distribution of pamphlets and advertising material is prohibited. All sales and promotional activities must be confined to your exhibit space.

It is strictly prohibited to store cases, crates, boxes etc. behind any booth. It is against show rules and regulations as well as fire rules and regulations. The gutter space behind each booth is to be used for electrical access and electrical equipment only.

Jewelry storage cases are not allowed to be placed in any public areas. They can be stored during open hours of the show within the exhibitors booth or in a vault area only. It is the exhibitors responsibility to appropriately store the cases.

To ensure a safe environment to conduct business, storage behind booths is prohibited per Fire Safety Regulations. Show management will have personnel checking all gutter spaces behind booths to ensure that nothing is being stored in these areas. If we do find anything behind the booth that is not electrical, show management will have it removed and stored at the exhibitor's expense. Companies who have not complied with this regulation in the past have created major electrical problems for neighboring companies. It will be enforced vigorously.

Equipment, product or machinery when displayed to demonstrate or simulate industrial application are exempt from the foregoing height limits, but are restricted only by ceiling height, as well as building and safety codes.

You may distribute literature, samples or other material within your booth space. Distribution outside of your contracted space is strictly prohibited unless approved by Show Management.

Hanging signs are prohibited at the JCK Show.

Exhibitors using a hardwall display must leave a nine-inch (9") clearance at the rear of the booth for access to electrical equipment, etc. Back to back hardwall displays must have eighteen inches (18") between the hardwalls. Please make sure to install a mouse hole in the rear of each booth. This is a safety and electrical service issue.

Package Slicks
Please note that Pipe and Drape is not allowed or offered for all exhibits on Bayside and Shorelines Level.  Pipe and Drape is only available for AGTA.

Custom Booth
You can bring a custom booth display that you own. Guidelines and restrictions can be found here. Please email your custom booth information to for approval by February 26, 2016.

Cost-Effective Exhibitor Booth Packages
JCK Las Vegas has created turnkey packages should you not wish to buy a custom booth display. A reminder: take advantage of the early-bird pricing and order your booth package by May 2, 2016 to save 30%.

JCK Las Vegas follows the Cubic Content Rule, which allows exhibitors to make maximum use of their booth space. Under the Cubic Content Rule, exhibitors may build up to the front of their booths, and up to the maximum allowable height according to the booth type as indicated below.

Height Limitations

(Check ceiling heights!  Maximum Height does not necessarily mean booth height for a particular area.)

Reminder, suspended signs or banners are not permitted. Show Management does not allow anything to be hung from the ceiling.

1. If you are a New Exhibitor in 2016 or have a new booth location 400 square feet and larger:

  Ceiling Height Linear Booth Height Peninsula & Island Booths Under 400 sq.ft
(surrounded by 3 or 4 aisles)
Peninsula & Island Booths
400 sq.ft or larger
(surrounded by 3 or 4 aisles)
Bayside Halls 30’ 10’ 10’ Based on Zone
Shorelines Halls 30’ 10’ 10’ Based on Zone
Mandalay Bay Ballroom 30’ 10’ 20’ 20’
South Pacific and Islander Ballrooms 26’ 10’ 10’ 10’

Please click on the below links based on your booth locations.

See Height Color Zone Bayside Level

See Height Color Zone Shorelines Level – Coming soon

10’ Height Yellow Zone
400 square feet or larger
12’ Height Green Zone
14’ Height Orange Zone
16’ Height Blue Zone

2. The Exhibitors that exhibited at JCK Las Vegas 2012 and have your same booth location in 2016

  Ceiling Height Linear Booth Height Peninsula & Island Booths
(surrounded by 3 or 4 aisles)
Bayside Halls 30’ 10’ 24’
Shorelines Halls 30’ 10’ 24’
Mandalay Bay Ballroom 30’ 10’ 20’
South Pacific and Islander Ballrooms 26’ 10’ 10’

PRODUCT DAY & INSPECTION DEADLINE: Thursday, June 2 is PRODUCT DAY ONLY. ALL BOOTHS MUST BE SET by Wednesday, June 1 @ 5:00pm so that we can properly clean and cool the Exhibit Halls for opening morning. ALL CRATES AND EQUIPMENTS WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE EXHIBIT HALLS BY THAT TIME REGARDLESS OF THEIR STATUS.

Any booth not occupied by 3:00pm on Wednesday, June 1, 2016 will be presumed abandoned. If there is freight in the booth and Show Management believes the Exhibitor will be late, then Freeman will set up the display as best they can with the information available. If there is no freight in the booth and/or Show Management believes the Exhibitor will not participate in the show, the booth will be reassigned. Exhibitors arriving after this time will be given space available and may incur additional costs.

All exhibits must be completely set by 5:00pm on Wednesday, June 1, 2016. Although exhibitors may fine tune their booth and set product on Wednesday, June 1, 2016 after 7:00pm and Thursday, June 2, 2016, no shipment will be accepted past 5:00pm on Wednesday, June 1, 2016. Absolutely no shipment, equipment, or material may be brought onto the show floor during show hours.

Exhibitors with special needs that require variance from these guidelines must get prior approval from Show Management. Exhibitors should send a detailed booth plan and drawings of their proposed display for this approval to:

Joseph Scalzo
Director of Operations
JCK Las Vegas 2015
383 Main Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06851
Phone: (203) 840-5915
Fax: (203) 840-9915

Questions concerning double-decker booths must be addressed to the Clark County Fire Department. Please see Clark County Fire Dept. Requirements for covered and/or multi-story exhibit booths. View Fire Safety Regulations & Multi-level/Covered Exhibits Information.

All electrical work will be done exclusively by the Edlen Electrical Services electricians. Refer to the Edlen Electrical order form located in the FACILITY/UTILITIES section.

Use of power: Exhibitors who use other exhibitor's power will be charged a 100% service fine. The Mandalay Bay Convention Center will have personnel checking electrical usage.

Edlen Electrical has a new electrical distribution system. If you "overload" the electric line you will shut down your line only. Edlen Electrical will reset your power only once. After the first reset you will need to order more power plus pay a service fee. Please order enough power initially.

Exhibitor staff personnel wishing to enter the exhibit floor must wear an Exhibitor Badge at all times. Refer to the EXHIBITOR BADGES/LEAD RETRIEVAL section for order information.

Freeman will maintain a service center during set-up, show days and dismantling. All other official Show contractors will also be set up in this area as well. Refer to the Freeman Quick Facts located in the GENERAL CONTRACTOR section for hours of operation.

All inquiries regarding booth services and orders should be made at the Exhibitor Service Center, including booth furnishings, labor, freight, and special show services. Exhibitors who have ordered labor are asked to check in at this desk when they are ready to install their exhibits.

The person in charge of your exhibit should carefully inspect and sign for all work order forms. If you disagree with a bill presented for your signature, question it immediately. If you cannot come to a satisfactory agreement with the contractor, contact Show Management. Do not put it off. Once the show has ended, it becomes very difficult to resolve issues.

The Fire Marshal, in conjunction with the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, has very specific fire regulations/restrictions and permit requirements regarding display material within the exhibit hall. These regulations are detailed in the Fire Safety Regulations & Information.

ExpoEase is the official florist for JCK Las Vegas 2016. A service representative will be available on-site. Please refer to the OFFICIAL CONTRACTOR section for order form.

Halogen lights needs to meet fire safety code regulations. All halogen lights must have covers or screens. Show management will be checking all halogen lights and if they do not meet the fire and safety regulations, the exhibitor will be asked to remove the lights. This will ensure a safer working environment for all.

Please see the HOTEL/TRAVEL section of the manual for details on hotels and important deadlines.


Exhibitors are vulnerable to theft and loss in the trade show environment. A rental safe provides the added security and convenience of allowing you to securely store valuables on-site instead of packing them after show hours and transporting them to a remote secure storage area.

Rolland rents high security safes to protect exhibitor property before, during and after show hours. Rolland personally coordinates with JCK to address all safe-related logistics, installation and post-show de-installation. We also provide exhibitor customer service to ensure that all your needs are addressed.

If you have any questions about the Rolland In Booth Safe Program, please contact Gicela Gonzalez at 214.845.6804 or

Phoenix International Business Logistics, Inc. is the official provider of international shipping, customs brokerage, freight forwarding and related services for the show. All merchandise imported into the United States requires Custom House Clearance prior to release from any USA port or airport. It is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor to adhere to customs and international guidelines. The exhibitor must insure that all documents are valid and complete and procedures are followed correctly. Show management will not be held liable for freight held up due to customs issues, duty payments or any other problems related to inbound and outbound international shipments. Please refer to the SHIPPING section for additional information.

JCK Las Vegas IS A "FULL DISCLOSURE" SHOW. The following regulations have been established to maintain the quality and integrity of the products displayed at JCK LAS VEGAS 2016.

All Exhibitors must be in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Guides for the Jewelry, Precious Metals and Pewter Industries and with the National Gold and Silver Stamping Act as they relate to specific products.
The guides contain regulations regarding the content, weight and use of terms as they relate to precious metals, gemstones, pearls and watches. Violations of the guides can result in cease and desist orders or civil penalties. The National Gold and Silver Stamping Act requires all quality marked precious metal items to be stamped with a valid trademark to readily identify the manufacturer of the item. Violations of this federal law can result in civil or even criminal penalties. If you are unfamiliar with the provisions of either the FTC Guides or with the National Gold and Silver Stamping Act, please contact the Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC) at (212) 532-1919 to order a copy of these important documents. Your knowledge of and adherence with these laws will help maintain the consumer trust and confidence upon which the industry depends. Specific information regarding gemstone treatment disclosure is also available through the AGTA.

All gemstone treatments (other than cutting and polishing) and including laser drilled or fracture filled diamonds, heated sapphires or aquamarines, irradiated topaz or oiled emeralds, etc., must be disclosed at every level of sale within the industry and eventually to consumers. Disclosure of such treatments in an honest and straightforward manner is our ethical and legal responsibility to the industry. Without reliable information from gemstone suppliers and jewelry manufacturers, retail jewelers cannot pass accurate information along to consumers, as law requires them. A lack of disclosure, particularly of difficult-to-detect treatments, may lead to misrepresentation and a lack of consumer confidence in our industry.

If you are a manufacturer of jewelry that contains diamonds, pearls, colored gemstones or synthetic stones, important disclosures must be made at every level of sale. If you are not receiving treatment disclosure information from your gemstone suppliers, demand it. If you are not conveying this information to your customers, please be advised you must.

A complete explanation of gemstone treatment disclosure is available in the Gemstones Enhancement Manual (GEM), which was developed by a coalition of industry leaders representing the various trade organizations, gemological scientist and the trade press.

The coding system detailed in the GEM Manual has been endorsed by the following organizations:

American Gem Society
American Gem Trade Association
Diamond Council of America
Manufacturing Jewelers and Silversmiths of America
Jewelers of America
Jewelry Information Center
Jewelers Vigilance Committee
International Society of Appraisers

If you are a member of any of these groups, you can contact them to receive a copy of the GEM Manual.

Las Vegas has several major unions that have jurisdiction over trade shows. Please plan now to abide by labor regulations. Freeman is the official labor contractor. Labor arrangements may be made to set-up, service and dismantle your exhibit. Information regarding labor jurisdiction can be found in the GENERAL CONTRACTOR section. If you have any further questions or would like a quote for labor services, you may contact Freeman directly at 702-579-1400
Exhibitors using contractors other than Freeman for labor and/or supervision must complete the online Exhibtor Designated Contractor Commitment form prior to April 19, 2016. NO EXCEPTIONS CAN BE MADE AFTER THIS DATE. For additional information please refer to the EXHIBITOR DESIGNATED CONTRACTOR section of this manual.

Refer to the EXHIBITOR BADGES/LEAD RETRIEVAL section for more information.


Liability and Insurance:
Exhibitors are advised to see that their regular company insurance includes coverage outside of company premises and that they have their own property, public liability and property damage insurance. Show Management and its contractors will not be responsible for injury or damage that may occur to an exhibitor or his/her employees or agents, nor to the safety of any exhibit or other property against theft, fire, accident, or any other destructive causes. Please review the space contract for details.

In the event you do not have Commercial General Liability or would like to purchase Event Cancellation Insurance, the John Buttine Inc Exhibitor Insurance program offers General Liability and Event Cancellation Insurance policies to exhibitors of all sizes.

For more information:

Please be sure you have read the space application for your booth for all exhibition rules and regulations. It is the exhibitor's responsibility to adhere to all rules pertaining to your license agreement.

Freeman is the exclusive material handling provider on the exhibit floor. They will receive all shipments whether consigned in advance to their warehouse or sent directly to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Material handling includes return of your empty cartons and crates at the close of the Show. Please refer to the GENERAL CONTRACTOR section for more details.

Management has taken the time to research and select preferred vendors or contractors for the services you will need to purchase surrounding this event. Not all of these necessarily will offer the lowest overall cost, but rather superior service at a fair cost.

Towards this end we ask you to be very careful in the selection of non-official contractors. Include in your costs such items as extra labor, drayage/freight, etc. into the price quoted. Remember and take into consideration that only official contractors have service desk representation at show site, are allowed early move-ins, late delivery access, work areas on the show floor, etc.
Also, in the event you have a problem of any type with a non-official contractor, we as show management have no recourse whereas a problem with an official contractor can be addressed much more easily and professionally.

Show Management will allow pre-show buyer appointments on Saturday, June 4 - Monday, June 6beginning at 8am each day. Pre-Show Buyer Appointments are not permitted on Opening Day, Friday, June 3. Exhibitors interested in meeting with prospective customers in their booths prior to the 9:30am show opening must get written authorization from Show Management. Exhibitors need to complete an EARLY ACCESS FORM, available in the Show Management Office, Level 3 of Mandalay Bay, listing the names of the customers for the meeting (limited to three per company). This form is only available on-site. The exhibitors should meet their party in the lobby and escort the customers to the show entrance. Exhibitors and buyers are required to WEAR THEIR OFFICIAL SHOW BADGES to gain admittance to the show floor. If your meeting concludes prior to the 9:30am show opening, please escort your customers back out to the lobby area where they can wait until the show opens. Your cooperation with this policy will help us maintain overall security and the protection of your lines as well as those of your fellow exhibitors.

Authorization will not be granted for a pre-show appointment on the day of request.

OscarEinzig Photography is the official photographer. Refer to the OscarEinzig order form under the OFFICIAL CONTRACTOR section for order information.

Show Management will provide uniformed guards on the exhibit floor on a 24 hour basis during the entire period of the show (including installation and dismantle). Every reasonable effort will be made to prevent losses however the final responsibility lies with the exhibitor. If you have items in your booth that are vulnerable to theft, take advantage of the vaults to lock up your merchandise during non-show hours. Please review the Security Advisory Bulletin included in this manual to assist you in safe guarding your merchandise. Show Management is NOT liable under ANY circumstances for product, merchandise, displays, etc. We encourage you to purchase or rent video equipment that covers your booth area 24/7 to insure you have a record of who enters and leaves your booth space.


We encourage the following policy:

It is important that the bags do not mention the word jewelry, feature present or future show dates, or photos/pictures of any kind of jewelry or diamonds. Once these bags (and the buyers carrying them) leave the security of Mandalay Bay Convention Center, they become walking billboards. This alerts the general public there is a jewelry show in town. The buyer carrying the bag also becomes a potential target for thieves when outside the show.

An electrical connection fee of $21.00 per showcase has been negotiated by Reed Exhibitions to insure a smoother move in for our Exhibitors. This fee covers the following:

  • Labor and materials to hook up, tape electrical cords if needed and make certain that there is sufficient power in the booth to accommodate all showcases in a safe manner. All labor involved will be performed by and be the responsibility of Edlen Electrical Services, hired by Reed Exhibitions. Exhibitors are advised that Levin & Associates is not permitted to and will not be involved with the electrical connection of the showcase(s) and the Exhibitor agrees that Levin shall have no liability with respect thereto. This coordinates two services so you won't be delayed on your move-in.
  • In order to insure that the electrical cords are hooked up properly, Levin will place the cases in the proper position as directed by the Exhibitor Layout. A LAYOUT MUST BE SENT TO LEVIN WITH YOUR SHOWCASE ORDER TO ACCOMPLISH THIS.
  • This fee does not include electrical power in excess of the 1000 watt outlet supplied with your booth. If additional power is needed it must be ordered from Edlen. Reed Exhibitions reserves the right to have Edlen install extra power if needed and invoice exhibitors directly.
  • By placing an Order with Levin & Associates, the Exhibitor is authorizing the above service. If additional power is needed, Edlen will install the power and place the charge for this service on the Exhibitor's invoice for electrical. Electrical charges over the 1000 watts provided with the booth are the responsibility of the Exhibitor

View the AGTA Showcase Order Form
View the JCK Essential-Tech Showcase Order Form
View the JCK Currents Showcase Order Form
View the JCK Pearl Plaza Showcase Order Form
View the JCK Sterling Plaza Showcase Order Form
View the JCK Now-Next Showcase Order Form
View the JCK Bridal Showcase Order Form
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JCK Las Vegas 2016 will utilize color schemes for easier attendee navigation on the show floor (colors are subject to change)

*All pavilions will be custom exhibits unless drape color is specified below.

Level 1 Bayside Level
Main Aisles Beige Custom Booths
Bridal/Gift Beige Custom Booths
Clockwork Beige Custom Booths
Design Center Gray Custom Booths
Diamond Plaza Beige Custom Booths
Essentials Beige Custom Booths
First Look Beige Custom Booths
Now/Next Beige Custom Booths
Passport Beige Custom Booths
Pearl Beige Custom Booths
Sterling Plaza Beige Custom Booths
Tech Beige Custom Booths
The Bridge Beige Custom Booths
The Gallery Multi-Color Custom Booths
Level 2 Shoreline Level
Main Aisles Beige
Currents Beige Custom Booths
Fiera Di Vincenza Pavilion Custom/Blue Custom Booths
Plumb Club Charcoal Custom Booths
AGTA Lower Level
Islander Ballroom Multi-Color White
South Pacific Multi-Color White

The Show Management Office, located on the 3rd level of Mandalay Bay, will be staffed during all move-in, show and move-out hours.

Mandalay Bay is a NON-SMOKING building. Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the building during set-up, show days and tear-down. Stairwells have been equipped with ultra sensitive smoke detectors. Any person caught smoking in the stairwells or inside the Convention Center will be removed from the premises.

Sound level of presentations should be kept within the confines of the booth area and must not interfere with neighboring exhibits. Show Management will exercise their right to provide and maintain a fair exhibiting environment to all customers.

All telecommunication services including internet lines will be handled through the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Refer to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center instructions and order form in the FACILITY/UTILITIES section of the manual.

Sharing of internet services is strictly prohibited.

Prior notice must be given to Show Management regarding motorized vehicles of ANY type. Vehicle(s) to be displayed in the Center during shows must have battery cables disconnected, a lockable gas cap and may not contain more than a 1/8 tank of fuel.

Show Management will have personnel on hand throughout the course of the show to consult with exhibitors regarding any bills received from service companies. If there is any question as to the charges made, please consult with our show representatives before paying the bill. Do not wait until after the show to settle problems that can be easily resolved at the convention center.

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Exhibitor Tips


  • Order furniture, utilities, etc. in advance of deadline dates, Freeman is offering a 30% discount on Furnishings if orders are placed online prior to May 2, 2016.
  • Load your carpet on the truck last so it can be installed first while the rest of your materials are being unloaded
  • Pre-plan and assemble as much of your exhibit as possible before shipping it to the exhibit hall
  • Indicate on the back wall where each product or sign is to be placed
  • Pre-wire electrical connections before shipping
  • Don't schedule labor for 8am if your truck is scheduled to unload at 8am - allow for your display and equipment to be unloaded first


  • Material Handling Agreement (Bills of lading/shipping paperwork)
  • Complete layout of the exhibit/copies of all service orders you placed ahead of show set-up
  • Security and vault procedures
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Exhibitor Manual/Exhibitor Badge material


You can set your own booth, provided personnel working are bona fide full time employees of the exhibiting company. The local union must render any labor services required beyond what your full time employees can provide. Labor can be ordered pre-show or on-site. The union steward may request proof of full time employment status of any personnel working in your booth. If you need assistance, Freeman has qualified personnel to assemble and dismantle custom exhibit booths.


NOTE: You do not need to order separate labor for drayage service (unloading of carriers and moving materials to your booth). This labor is included in the material handling service charge.

  • Complete the "LABOR ORDER FORM" that is enclosed in the GENERAL CONTRACTOR section in this manual prior to show dates; orders received at show site will be processed after advanced orders in all cases
  • Check cartons and crates in your booth against your bills of lading (including carpet, whether rented or your own).
  • Go to the Exhibitor Service Center labor desk to sign out your labor. Note the time on your work ticket.
  • Upon completion of the work in your booth, accompany the labor back to the Exhibitor Service Center and write the time on the work ticket. If there is a dispute with the times, ask Show Management for assistance.


To maintain proper traffic control in the dock area, all trucks must first report to the marshaling area. Please make sure your driver checks in prior to 3:30pm daily.


Exhibitors must evaluate the circumstance relevant to their own shipping needs. Here are some advantages and disadvantages between shipping direct and to the warehouse. For additional detailed information pertaining to shipping, schedules, freight charges and material handling rates, please refer to the Shipping/Drayage section of the manual. For security needs, please review the information in the security tab.


  • Allows greater flexibility in shipping dates by offering 30 days of free storage
  • You can check on the arrival of your freight from your office
  • Warehouse freight is usually the first freight unloaded on the Show floor
  • Warehouse will only accept crated materials
  • Sometimes handling merchandise twice results in damage
  • Loose loads must be sent direct


  • Any shipment will be accepted during move-in days
  • Shipments can leave your office at a later date
  • Shipments can only be delivered on scheduled move-in days
  • Drivers need to wait their turn to be unloaded - which may delay your set-up
  • Lost or late shipment may be difficult to replace


If you are driving your personal vehicle, you do not need to report to the marshaling area. However, do not unload your vehicle in the bus or taxi lanes in front of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. For your own safety and convenience, enter the parking lot behind the convention center and follow the signs to the personal vehicle staging area. You will be directed to the appropriate area when space is available. You may use your two-wheel dollies, luggage carts, etc. to transport your line to your vault. You are allowed to hand carry your materials in one trip. Freeman will have cart service available for a nominal fee on-site at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

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Feed the Whales (Trash Removal)

Q: What's a whale?
A: A whale is a mini-dumpster on wheels that is used to collect trash from the exhibit halls during move-in and move-out.

Q: Why do we need to feed them?
A: We created this program to address safety and security concerns that have become apparent during move-in and move-out. It benefits everyone if we can keep the aisles clean in terms of streamlining move-in activities and maintaining a safe environment. It is imperative we work together so the show opens "clean".

Q: OK, so what do we feed them?
A: Special plastic bags are available free of charge at the Floor Manager counters and at the Freeman Service Desks. Rather than throwing trash in the aisle, we ask exhibitors and their contractors to utilize these trash bags and dispose of them in the "Whales". Some items that we really need your help on are visqueen, packing materials and general trash. Please note that ALL boxes MUST be broken down.

Q: Very good. Then where do we find the whales?
A: Whales will be placed at various points along the main cross aisles. If you have any question at all, you can ask your floor manager.

Q: This sounds like a lot of work, what's in it for me?
A: Like we said, this will save everyone work in the long run. It will improve the working space on the show floor during move-in. It may also help to save you money on your own booth's cleaning cost by keeping ahead of things. And lastly, we believe that this is absolutely necessary in order to maintain a safe work environment for everybody. An aisle full of trash is like a blocked fire exit.

Please advise your booth personnel and designated set-up people of this new program.

Any Exhibitor or Contractor who throws any type of trash (including poly) into the aisle on Friday morning prior to show opening, will not only be charged for the trash removal but will risk their participation at shows.

Help us to help you! We look forward to a successful show and appreciate your participation. If there is anything we can do at all to help make your experience more enjoyable please do not hesitate to contact us in the show office , located on Level 3 of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

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Green Initiatives

JCK Las Vegas 2016 is committed to reduce, reuse, and recycle approach to planning and producing our shows. Recycling waste, trash and other paper products and using recycled products are just a few of the steps we have taken toward "green" tradeshow experience.

For example sending out this Service Manual in a web based format conserves over 150,000 pieces of paper previously used for the 3-ring binder format!

Here are a few examples of what you can do to help the environment:

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Sign your office up for a recycling program: paper, plastic, cans, etc.
  • Develop an online ordering system for your buyers.
  • Reduce marketing on paper by opting for more electronic communication, email attendees after the show.
  • Design your booth display to last for 5 years or longer using natural fibers.
  • Practice Green Purchasing where ever possible by specifying Environmentally Preferable Products (EPP). These products or services contain recycled content, minimize waste, conserve energy or water, and reduce the amount of toxics disposed or consumed.
  • Reduce packing material by utilizing recyclable materials and take advantage of convention center recycling options for packaging.
  • Donate extra amenities or promotional products to local charities rather than shipping them back or tossing them in the trash.

Reed Exhibitions has implemented the following programs and purchasing habits in an effort to reduce the amount of waste generated and encourage our clients and vendors to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle whenever possible.

  • We have successfully implemented Express Badge on many shows, allowing attendees to print their badge on demand at show site. This process reduces the printing and mailing of unnecessary badges.
  • Our offices are set up to recycle paper, plastic, cans.
  • We have reduced paper communications both internally and externally by opting for electronic communication.
  • Producing an on-line exhibitor manual reduces our paper consumption by over 150,000 sheets on this show alone.
  • Where ever possible we partner with local charities to provide donation opportunities for our exhibitors as a way to "reuse" leftover products and merchandise, thus saving on packing materials and carbon emissions by not shipping home. A great way to "Reuse" material for a good cause.
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