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Meet the JCK Team devoted to creating the best possible exhibiting experience for you.

JCK Sales Team

The JCK Sales Representatives are here to help, so we wanted to help you put a face to the name!

  • Alexandra Wurster
    Germany, Hong Kong, Passport, Spain, International

    Alexandra Wurster
    International Sales Manager
    Tel: 203.840.5332

  • Ana Crosby
    Bridal, Currents, Diamond Plaza

    Ana Crosby
    Account Executive
    Tel: 203.840.5305

  • Barbara Murray
    First Look, Gem Pavilion, Global Gemstones

    Barbara Murray
    Account Executive
    Tel: 203.840.5820

  • Daniel Eyzaguirre
    Lab-Grown Diamonds, Plumb Club, The Shoppe

    Daniel Eyzaguirre
    Account Executive
    Tel: 203.840.5887

  • Jessica Audet

    Jessica Audet
    Strategic Accounts Manager
    Tel: 203.840.5955

  • Lars Parker-Myers
    Clockwork, Essentials & Technology, Gallery, Bella Italia, Retail Innovation

    Lars Parker-Myers
    Account Executive
    Tel: 203.840.5808

  • Nina Mancini
    Bridge, Design Center

    Nina Mancini
    Account Executive
    Tel: 203.840.5469

JCK Customer Success Team

The JCK Customer Success Managers are available for all of your operational needs!

  • Brendan Ross
    Currents, Design Center, Essentials & Tech, Hong Kong, Industry Associations, Lab Grown Diamonds, Retail Innovation, The Bridge

    Brendan Ross
    Tel: 203.840.5370

  • Maggie Berkovich
    Antique & Estate, Bella Italia, Bridal, Clockwork, Diamond Plaza, First Look, Gallery Level 2, Germany, Spain

    Maggie Berkovich
    Tel: 203.840.5363

  • Coming Soon
    Gallery Level 1, Gem Pavilion, Global Gemstone, Passport

    Raphael Ramos
    Tel: 203.840.5920

  • Matt Hill
    Plumb Club, The Exchange

    Matt Hill
    Tel: 203.840.5330

  • Brian Murphy

    Brian Murphy
    Tel: 203.840.5926