Discovering New @ JCK

The #1 thing JCK retailers look for when they’re shopping the show is what’s new and trending! Therefore, we are encouraging our JCK and Luxury exhibitors to launch new, never-before-seen products at our show again in 2020, and we will provide complimentary additional exposure to those who do!

For JCK 2020, have your new products featured in the second edition of the Discovering New @ JCK Digital Lookbook. This look book will assist retailers in finding your new products and lines more easily and will aid them in the search for all that is new and different, while also helping you promote your newest products.

Submit the form below to be featured in this year’s Discovering New @ JCK Lookbook by April 20, 2020. If you have any questions regarding your look book submission, please reach out to Julie Marren at

Image Submission Guidelines

  • Only images of new products will be included in the Discovering New @ JCK Lookbook.
  • Each submission is limited to one (1) image. There may be up to three (3) products on the single image submitted.
  • Each brand is limited to one (1) submission.
  • Your image must be labeled with the following naming convention: Company Name-Product Name. Any image that is labeled without this format will not be accepted or included in the Discovering New @ JCK Lookbook.
  • The image must be high-resolution – at least 300 dpi – and must be silo or have a white background.
  • No ads or logos will be accepted.
  • Please be sure to press the UPLOAD BUTTON in the widget before you submit the submission form.

* Is this your first time exhibiting at JCK Las Vegas?

I have uploaded my image to the widget, pressed the UPLOAD button and have followed the submission guidelines listed above. I understand that any image submitted outside of these guidelines will not be eligible to be featured in the Discovering New @ JCK Lookbook.

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