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Please complete the form below if you are interested in an opportunity to be featured on JCK’s social media accounts. Files must be submitted as a .JPG .MOV or .MP4 in 1200x1200px or 1080x1920px dimensions. There can be NO text on the files (this includes hashtags, logos, descriptions and watermarks). We encourage lifestyle imagery/videography and silo product images as opposed to advertisements or model photography. Example imagery is provided below:

  • Product Image Submission
  • Product Image Submission
  • Product Image Submission
  • Product Image Submission

Only images that follow the image guidelines and criteria specified below will be considered – please review before submitting. In order to be considered, you must be exhibiting at one or more of the following JCK Events: JCK Tucson 2020, JCK Las Vegas 2020 or Luxury 2020. There is no guarantee that your image will be featured or the date it will be featured.

We highly encourage that you also list your social media URL links in your exhibitor portal, as we often browse these for consideration as well.

Upload Lifestyle Image(s) for Social Media Feature

Let us help you show off your jewelry or products on our JCK Event's social media accounts. JCK's Instagram has over 22,000 followers and is growing by the hundreds every week. Our social strategy is about inspiring others with exhibitor's product through lifestyle focused images. Our audience loves seeing jewelry on or a product in use! Bring your product to life by stacking, mixing and matching, and putting out an image that is relatable and attainable. Images must follow the criteria below in order to be considered.

  • High resolution, 300 dpi
  • Images must be lifestyle focus and show the jewelry being worn or close up
  • Cannot be on a white background
  • Cannot be staged and on professional model
  • For examples of the type of images we accept, please visit our Instagram page.

Upload Product Image(s) for other Marketing use

We like showing off our exhibitor's jewelry in marketing materials whether it's in print, emails, editorial, or web content. Submit up to 5 product images for consideration to be used in any of the marketing materials listed above. JCK reserves the right to use alternate images of brand for creative and marketing purposes without brand consent. Images must follow the image guidelines below in order for consideration.

  • High resolution, 300 dpi
  • Product on a white background preferred
Which JCK show did you exhibit at in 2019?

Which JCK show are you exhibiting at in 2020


Before uploading, please label your images according to the following naming convention: BRANDNAME_Image1

Terms and Conditions

I acknowledge and agree that I have reviewed the image guidelines mentioned above, and that I agree to be bound by those terms, as well as the Terms and Conditions, and incorporated herein by reference.

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