Wouldn’t you rather be at JCK?

As JCK Las Vegas and Luxury’s original dates are around the corner, JCK Events is reaching out to our partners and friends to share a favorite memory or what you’ll miss most about JCK and be a part of our social media connections during the original Las Vegas Jewelry Week, June 1-5.

Please share your memory or message by submitting a video message or a written message and photos from a past JCK/Luxury below. We’ll feature this on our social media @JCKEvents on Instagram and Facebook, June 1-5.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Your files must be labeled with the following naming convention: ‘Company Name-Image1’ when submitting through the box.com link below. Any file that is labeled without this format will not be accepted.
  • Files must be submitted as a .JPG .MOV or .MP4
  • Do not submit image files that feature text (this includes descriptions, logos, etc.)
  • Video: 60 seconds or less; portrait/vertical
  • Written message: 100 words or less
  • Photos: 1-3 images max
  • Be sure to press the UPLOAD BUTTON in the box.com widget before you submit the submission form.
Click below to upload your video message or photos, and then return to this form and scroll down to click Submit to send us your JCK Memories.
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