JCK Industry Fund

The JCK Industry Fund, now in its twenty-first year, was established in 1997 to enhance the image of the jewelry industry and to foster development and research of programs that would benefit the industry. To date, this fund has awarded over $6 million in grants to those organizations or individuals who have created programs that improve the jewelry industry’s image.

JCK Industry Fund Mission

To help aid, assist and improve the jewelry industry. As global leaders in the jewelry industry, JCK strongly believes that it is an essential element and part of our corporate responsibility to give back and continue to nurture an industry that has given so much to so many.


The 2019 submission process will begin in the fall of 2018 and is open to individuals, groups and associations within the jewelry industry. Recipients are chosen based upon their synergy with the overall core goals and intentions of the Fund.

In order to be considered, applicants must submit a formal proposal in writing or digitally directly and include all of the following elements:

JCK Industry Fund

  • The purpose of the grant
  • The amount requested
  • Timing for allocation of monies and a plan for its allocation
  • Historical budget data
  • Measurable expected benefits
  • An agreement outlining JCK's right to conduct financial auditing of funds allocated to ensure suitable usage.

All prospects are reviewed by the Fund’s Advisory Committee, which consists of prominent retailers, manufacturers, and industry leaders. Recipients are chosen based upon their synergy with the overall core goals which include:

  • Improve commerce and the image within the jewelry industry in the eyes of the consumer
  • Aids in addressing serious problems faced within the jewelry industry
  • Assists in developing educational content that can make a profound impact on addressing jewelry industry and consumer concerns

For more information on the Industry Fund, please contact jckindustryfund@reedexpo.com.

Congratulations to our 2018 Industry Fund Award Recipients

The 2018 recipients will receive a grand total of $240,000 to support the following marketing and educational programs designed to make a profound impact on addressing jewelry industry and/or consumer concerns:

  • Diamond Empowerment Fund (DEF)Diamond Empowerment Fund (DEF), whose "Diamonds Do Good" positive messaging campaign continues to build consumer confidence, reaching over 3 million millennials to-date

    “With continued support from the JCK Industry Fund, our outreach with the Diamonds Do Good message has yielded over 265 million consumer impressions. Our research has confirmed that millennials are learning something new about the industry after reading positive facts and this is creating a positive opinion about the industry while increasing the likelihood that they will purchase diamonds. We are so grateful to the JCK Industry Fund for understanding the need to foster these positive narratives around diamonds with consumers. With the help of the 2018 grant, we will be able to leverage these efforts more fully into video and further increase our engagement with millennials.”Nancy Orem Lyman, V.P. Executive Director, Diamond Empowerment Fund
  • Jewelers of America (JA), whose research supports a jewelry marketing campaign, seeks funding from the broader industry to launch in the future

    “Jewelers of America is grateful to be a recipient of a JCK Industry Fund grant. The grant enables JA to continue forward momentum on our consumer marketing initiative through development of an industry-wide consumer-facing campaign designed to benefit the entire industry and increase consumer confidence.”David Bonaparte, President & CEO, Jewelers of America
  • Jewelers Security Alliance (JSA), in support of Cybercrime Prevention Training and Information for the diamond, jewelry, and watch industry

    “The 2018 JCK Industry Fund grant to Jewelers’ Security Alliance will support Cyber Crime Prevention Training and Information for the diamond, jewelry, and watch industry. This grant is a perfect example of an innovative project to combat a dangerous and growing crime threat that JSA would not have been able to undertake without JCK Industry Fund support. Past JCK Industry Fund grants have allowed JSA to undertake other projects in such cutting edge crime prevention areas as GPS technology, social media and video training. These generous grants enable JSA to stay ahead of the curve in its mission to help protect the industry from crime.”John Kennedy, President, Jewelers Security Alliance
  • Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC)Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC) in support of its new Lab-Grown Diamond Legal Education program and its continuing Industry Protection Program related to legal matters arising from the Patriots Act, Bank Secrecy Act, etc.

    “JVC is grateful to the JCK Industry Fund for their continued support of our mission of legal guidance, industry guardianship and member education. This year we are using funds from this grant in a focused way to support and aid in the successful integration of the “LAB” Lab Grown Diamond neighborhood. JVC will achieve this by providing educational opportunities for the industry to fully understand disclosure and advertising around these products. Via several live sessions, live Q&A availability and written tools available to all, access to our mediation services, as well as information being developed on our new website we aim to ensure all members of the industry have the information they need to be successful and make the consumer happy.”Tiffany F. Stevens, President & CEO, Jewelers Vigilance Committee
  • Women's Jewelry Association (WJA) in support of educational resources and professional development opportunities for its Gender Equality Project

    “Support from the JCK Industry Fund has enabled the Women’s Jewelry Association to make meaningful strides in the development of its Gender Equality Project. The funds received are being used to create educational resources and professional development opportunities that will have a positive, lasting impact on the jewelry industry. As a partner in this initiative, the JCK Industry Fund is helping to implement equality-focused tools and programs that will contribute to the overall health and positive image of the industry.”Bernadette S. Mack, Executive Director, Women’s Jewelry Association