JCK Las Vegas 2019 Exhibitor FAQs

JCK Las Vegas Exhibitor Frequently Asked Questions

The information below is confidential, intended only for JCK Las Vegas Exhibitors. Any review, use, disclosure, distribution or copying of this document is prohibited.

Why are we moving to the Sands/Venetian in 2019?
We’ve listened to the feedback from our Advisory Board, Town Halls, and meetings with our customers. While there are many people that have had positive remarks about Mandalay Bay, we’ve heard the overwhelming request to be closer to the center of the Las Vegas Strip, and to be near more dining and entertainment options. We are excited to be returning to the upgraded and renovated Venetian/Palazzo and Sands Convention Center in June 2019.
Why is a deposit on 2019 required now?

To secure a position at JCK Las Vegas 2019 in the first round of space allocations, we must have your commitment with a nominal deposit. It’s up to each exhibitor to decide what’s best for them, but we are focused on providing our exhibitors a fair opportunity to enhance their JCK experience. If you choose to reserve a place in the priority selection process, we have made important changes in the deposit amounts due for the 2018 and 2019 events:

We have changed the payment schedule for JCK 2018 to accommodate the 2019 deposit. The first deposit for JCK 2018 is just 20%. Anyone wishing to secure space in the first round for 2019 will require a deposit of 15% of the 2019 contract price. You will not have to make any further payments on 2019 until July 2018, after the 2018 JCK Las Vegas show. The deposit itself is necessary to create a fair process in drawing the floor plan.

Exhibitors gain priority position in the selection process based on when 2019 contracts are returned in addition to other priority points, including:

  • Current space location and size
  • Participation in other JCK/LUXURY shows and JCK Magazine
  • Show sponsorship participation
  • Number of years you have participated in JCK
  • Product type and retailer feedback
  • Presentation and merchandising of the brand
  • Current retailers

We expect a rapid and large signup. We will develop an entirely new floorplan with those customers’ business needs in mind. That’s a big opportunity for exhibitors, but it requires confidence that the space request is a sincere commitment because the entire plan will revolve around customers who sign up now.

How will space be assigned? Can I upgrade booth space?

The floor plan at Sands will be an entirely new design and it will be based on meeting the needs of our attending buyers who have been clear in their desire for easier navigation, logical product groupings, and a more productive use of time on the floor. Exhibitors will be provided an opportunity to upgrade or increase their booth size as space is available and based on the criteria above. After the initial 30 day opportunity to sign up for 2019, only timing of contract receipt will be considered and any priority based on tenure will expire.

Will participation in 2018 affect my ability to participate in 2019?

An exhibitor needs to participate in the 2018 event in order to secure a place in the priority selection process to be at the Sands. This is especially important as the renovated Sands Convention Center is smaller than Mandalay Bay, so we will be working with more limited space. The location selection for 2019 will happen in the first quarter of 2018. Of course, we will be happy to consider space requests from exhibitors who aren’t in the 2018 JCK event, but they won’t be included in the 2019 floor plan design and requests will be considered on the basis of available space.

Why do I need to commit to 2019 so early?

There is limited space at the renovated Sands Convention Center. Many exhibitors are eager to step up and gain new footing at JCK Las Vegas for years to come. This will help us plan out the show to ensure the optimal floorplan for our buyers to navigate. It is only fair to provide first chance at that opportunity to the exhibitors who remain committed to the event now.

What has changed about the Sands since we were there in 2010?

The Sands Convention Center has maintained its position as one of the best convention and event spaces in the United States by hosting global events like Consumer Electronics Show, MAGIC and other apparel shows, Security events, etc. The layout of the Sands will be familiar to many in our community with enhancements including a larger, more grand lobby and entrance area for registration. They have also added escalators inside of the halls so attendees can easily go from one floor to the other without leaving the convention hall. Additionally, they have added dining options, improved wifi services, and ensured that this is a modern facility that will be a good home for JCK for years to come.

What will the date patterns be in the future?

JCK returns to our traditional date pattern in 2018 (Friday, June 1- Monday, June 4, 2018). While we try to keep the pattern as consistent as possible, we also make sure to consider any large groups observing holidays and fitting that within the availability of the venue. We do our best to make JCK as convenient as possible to our community. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact your JCK Sales Executive.