JCK Show
June 2-5, 2023
The Venetian | Las Vegas, NV

Directions for Updating the JCK Mobile App for 2022

If you kept the JCK Mobile App on your phone from our last show, you might notice that the content looks like its still for 2021.  Even if you go to the App store and select refresh, the content stays the same.  To update your mobile app to the 2022 edition, follow these quick 3-step directions.

Step 1

On the main screen, click the BACK arrow.

Step 2

This will bring you to the screen below.  Click on the Featured Event dated 2022.  This will run the update you need to see our 2022 edition of content.

Step 3

Click Download

If you are at the show and still having difficulty, please find an Ask Me support staff for assistance.

Thank you!