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2020 Exhibitor List


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  • D Elian Corp

    Colombian emeralds direct from the source. Carrying all sizes.


    • 3065

    Trust, integrity and commitment to perfection are the fundamental elixir which has helped D.Navin to reach the pinnacle of success.Over the past few d...

  • D. Navinchandra Jewels

    Diamond Jewelry Manufacturer

  • D.N. Jewels

    The Diamond Jewelry Manufacturer

  • DA Gold

    • LUX313

    DA Gold is dedicated to providing the highest level of style, quality and attention to detail to our unique, alluring and timeless designs. We offer a...

  • Dabakarov

    • LUX1123

    Exceptional is our standard !

  • Dalumi Group

    An International Diamond and Jewelry Manufacturer

  • Damaso

    • LUX1101

    Fine Jewelry to Always Wear

  • Daniel Dilman

    • LUX1037

  • Danis Edelsteinhandel Gmbh

    • 23015

  • Danny's Silver Jewelry Inc.

    Danny's Silver Jewelry Inc.

  • Daphne Jewellery

    • 47020

  • Dasan Group

    Dasan has been in business for over 45 years, designing and manufacturing, gold, sterling silver, and alternative metal jewelry. We work with all lead...

  • Daviani Collection

    • LUX30085

    Keep Your Expectations High

  • David H. Fell & Company, Inc.

    Since 1973, David H. Fell & Co. has been honored to provide the jewelry industry with the finest quality mill products and refining services. DHFCo gu...

  • David Weisz & Sons USA LLC

    • LUX33043

    LARGER Diamond Studs & Pendents

  • De Beers Group Industry Services

    • LUXL107

    De Beers Group Industry Services, The very best in Diamond detection & education

  • De Beers Group LTD

    • Titian-1
    shared with Forevermark US, Inc.

  • De-Ani

    • PC-210

    Charms & More

  • Decent Gems

    Decent Gems specializes in moissanite gemstones/jewelry. We have an extensive bridal collection that we will be showcasing, along with loose moissanit...

  • Dee Berkley

    Wear Jewelry, Be Happy

  • Deepam Inc

    Specialization in Tanzanite, Rubies (No Heat with GIA certificate,Glass filled, Mozambique heated) Sapphires, Emeralds, Diamonds, Rose cut Diamond and...

  • Del Pia srl

    DEL PIA is learned in the production of hollow Jewellery, especially extra light earrings and bangles.Its products differ for the strong aesthetic val...

  • Del Rey Tools

    The Artisan's Choice