JCK Show
June 6 - 9, 2025
The Venetian Expo | Las Vegas, NV

Security at JCK and Luxury

Badge Validation Scanning

Badge Validation Scanning will occur at every entrance to the show floor. All participants, including exhibitors, will need to tap their badge on the Badge Reader towers.  We appreciate your patience with any possible delays, particularly during the show opening morning, which may result from this additional security safeguard to ensure a more secure show floor.

Anyone found to be sharing badges or supplying a badge to someone who is not properly registered or doesn’t work for their company will be subject to their badge being confiscated and removal from this year’s JCK and future events.

Weapons Detection

Weapons Detection will be in place at all entry points to the convention facilities at the Venetian. Our touchless weapons detection system uses state-of the art technology to efficiently, effectively and unobtrusively screen high volumes of people and their bags as they walk through the ingress points. You will not be required to stop or undergo additional review UNLESS a potential risk is identified by the system.  We do not anticipate that entry into the show area will be slowed down as we maximize entry protections with this system. As a reminder, exhibitors may not bring privately hired armed guards or weapons of any kind to the show as described in the prohibited activities section of our safety, security and wellness policies.

Exhibitors: If you require guards for your exhibit space, please contact JCK’s security company via the Allied Security Ordering Form. The Allied Security contact is Drew Hicks and can be reached at [email protected]. No other armed guards will be allowed entry.

Secure Disposal of Badges

Look for our secure badge disposal bins and only dispose of badges in these authorized areas, not in regular trash or recycling containers. Secure disposal of badges is an important security measure to protect your personal information and ensure your badge is not used by anyone else. In addition, using only the secure badge disposal bins ensures those badges can be recycled, decreasing the carbon footprint and taking a step toward increased event sustainability.

Qualification and Credential Changes

ATTENDEE REGISTRATION: ONLY qualified trade individuals are permitted access to the show. To ensure that the credentials of our retailers, buyers and attendees are in accordance with our requirements, JCK has added additional qualification steps for approved registration for ATTENDEES.  All participants are encouraged to review the information below and complete the qualification process as soon as possible and in advance of the show to avoid lines for on-site qualification.  All pre-qualified attendees will be able to use the Express Kiosks to quickly and efficiently print their badges at the show.

What’s New?

Retailers, Buyers and Other Attending Categories

a.     JCK is now requiring all INDIVIDUALS to present individual qualification credentials in addition to completion of the qualification process at the company/store level.  The qualification requirement applies to both company leadership/owners as well as their employees, who will be required to provide acceptable proof of employment at an approved company/store, as described below.  We apologize for the added steps you need to take for this, but it is the best way we can ensure only true in the trade attendees gain access to JCK.

b.     Upon submitting your registration, you will receive a message that your registration is pending along with a link to upload your documentation to our portal. Please note that qualification documentation will NOT be accepted via email – the only method to submit documentation is through the portal. The list of what is required can be found here.  If you do not submit this and get approved in advance the lines on site will be VERY long, due to all the additional approvals being done this year and you will not be guaranteed access to the show.  Please complete all steps until you receive an approved registration QR code for the event which will allow you to use the express kiosk line which will save you hours on site.

c.      Business Cards will NOT be accepted credentials that attendees can supply for qualification to attend JCK.


a.      You will continue to submit your booth staff through Badge Registration, just as you always have, in advance of the opening of the Show.

b.      This year, each booth staff member that is added to your company’s registered badge holder list on SHOW DAYS (May 30 – June 3) will incur a $250 fee. Please ensure that the Key Contact of your company pre-registers all of your booth staff (including themselves, if they will be on-site) when they receive the badge registration opening email. If you have questions on this process, please contact your Customer Success Coordinator.*

*Note: Anyone who is found to be engaging in badge sharing or supplying a badge to someone who is not properly registered or doesn’t work for their company will be subject to removal from JCK, their badge confiscated and risks a prohibition on future participation at JCK for themselves and their company.