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June 6 - 9, 2025
The Venetian Expo | Las Vegas, NV

JCK thanks all applicants for their support of the jewelry industry!

Submissions for the 2025 grant will open later this year.

About the Fund

The mission of the JCK Industry Fund is to support the jewelry industry’s long-term success and growth by providing grant funding to impactful organizations with the vision and programming to drive sustainable improvements across the industry.

Since its inception in 1997, the JCK Industry Fund has awarded over $7 million toward program grants to support the health and success of the jewelry industry at large. In 2023, the JCK Industry Fund’s grants have exceeded the previous year’s awards with over $300,000 in grants awarded. Nine deserving organizations, each dedicated to various causes such as security, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), cultivating a sustainable industry workforce, ensuring environmental preservation, and upholding product quality were successful in securing these grants.

The JCK Industry Fund’s Advisory Committee is made up of passionate, senior leaders from JCK and various categories within the industry.

The Committee

Sarin Bachmann – Group Vice President, RX Jewelry Portfolio

John Green – President & CEO, Lux Bond & Green

Michael Lerche – President, Goldstar Jewellery LLC

Eddie LeVian – CEO, LeVian

Roger Forman – President, Marathon Company

NEW to the Committee for 2024 Submissions: Lisa Bridge – President and CEO, Ben Bridge Jeweler

The Submission Process

Submissions for 2024 Grants are closed. The annual grant process begins at the end of the summer.

Who Should Apply?

Companies, organizations, and nonprofits who have an initiative that will benefit the jewelry industry as a whole including projects addressing: commerce, development, consumer confidence, advancing business practices, and diversity, equity, and inclusions.

How to Apply?

Submissions to the 2024 JCK Industry Fund Grant are closed. If you have any questions or inquiries for the future, please email [email protected].

Become an Industry Fund Contributor

Your contribution to the JCK Industry Fund helps support the sustainability, health, and growth of the jewelry industry at large.

With support from JCK Industry Fund we were able to positively impact more small businesses, and invite emerging designers to participate in our nationwide messaging and promotions.

Jennifer Markas
Women’s Jewelry Association

To give back to the artisanal mining communities that need our help is quite rewarding. And it just would not have been possible without the JCK Industry Fund grant

Gary Roskin
ICA International Colored Gemstone Association

Many organizations pledge support for diversity, equity and inclusion, but JCK put its money where its mouth is and supported our organization in its first year of life.

Miya Owens
Black In Jewelry Coalition

The JCK Industry Fund grants allow organizations and other entities to carry out new and unique projects for the betterment of the industry

John Kennedy
Jeweler’s Security Alliance

With JCK’s support, MFM has remained nimble and able to shift to more on-the-ground actions with our gold ore testing and innovative processor analysis, implementing procedures with five innovative gold processors located in Peru, Columbia, Australia, and the US.

Toby Pomeroy
Mercury Free Mining

The JCK Industry Fund signifies commitment to integrity at the highest level: reinvesting at every level of the supply chain for the future prosperity of the industry, fueling new, young initiatives that serve the marginalized of the global industry, and shining light on underserved topics/issues.

Rachel Merisheki
Gem Legacy

2024 Recipients