JCK Show
May 31 – June 3, 2024
The Venetian Expo | Las Vegas, NV

JCK Attendee Qualifications and Credentialing

JCK is a trade event and is for qualified jewelry industry professionals ONLY.

Admission is not granted to General Public/Guest and all individuals 14 years of age or under, including infants.


We’re continuing to raise the bar in making JCK the safest and most secure place to do business. We must ensure that all individuals coming to the show are qualified. As always, various criteria is required to attend and must be shown during registration that is subject to approval. This is a requirement of every attendee, even if you have attended in the past. Please join us in working to ensure that the credentials we have for your business and employment is updated. We can’t wait to welcome new and returning attendees to JCK!

What is changing?

Attendees will upload documents to a portal that will be provided in the registration process. It will be communicated to those whose registration is pending via email as well. The Customer Service and Qualifications teams will be there to assist you with any questions you may have.

❌  Business cards are no longer an acceptable form of qualifications to attend JCK

✔️  You can learn more about what is required for your specific category below

Qualification Documents are Required

Companies and individuals must show proof of relation to the jewelry industry and employment with the company they are registering with. Depending on your professional badge category, further documents are needed to verify. Requirements are below.

For companies to be approved, you must provide one of the following:

  • Business License, OR
  • Sellers Permit, OR
  • A Sales Tax Certificate 

To prove your employment with the company, individuals must provide one of the following  

  • W-2, or
  • Payroll Stub, or
  • Your full name listed as the owner or partner in official documents (Store Lease, Articles of Incorporation, LLC, Partnership, Annual list of Officers, etc.)

Additional Required Documents Per Category

  • Two (2) itemized invoices from the past twelve (12) months that reach a combined total of $10,000 from at least two (2) suppliers.

Please note: if you submit invoices for diamonds or gemstones, your badge category will be changed to a “Buyer/Dealer” and you will be required to pay a fee for attendance.

  • Two (2) itemized invoices from the past twelve (12) months that reach a combined total of $50,000 from at least two (2) different suppliers.

  • Official verification of enrollment from your school (jewelry/gemstone learning institution).
  • Official school transcript (jewelry/gemstone learning institution).
  • Receipt for classes within the past 6 months (jewelry/gemstone/learning institution)

Agencies, Auction Houses, Distributors, Industry Professionals, Appraisers, Accountants, Attorneys, Financial Professionals, Bankers, and Manufacturers’ Representatives are required to provide Company and Employment documents noted above.

Please note: As a manufacturer, you may be a perfect fit to exhibit at JCK! Meet with a JCK sales representative during the 2024 show and receive the cost of your badge ($1195) off your 2025 booth. Limited to one (1) per company and must be approved by JCK Show Management. Contact us here>>

Other Important Requirements

  • All documents must be in English or have accompanying English translation.
  • All documents must have matching company name and address and they must also match the company name and address you used for your JCK Registration.
  • JCK does not recognize Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, and certain other social media platforms as credentials for buyer/industry badges.
  • JCK does not recognize eBay and other online auction platforms as credentials for buyer/industry badges.

Questions? Call the JCK Customer Service team now.

Phone: 203.840.5684 or Toll Free: 800.257.3626