JCK Show
May 31 – June 3, 2024
The Venetian Expo | Las Vegas, NV

Dubai, the ‘City of Gold’ and the ‘Jewellery Destination of the World’

Dubai, also known as the ‘City of Gold’ has had a long history with gold and jewellery, starting with its status as a major trading port in the 18th century. Dubai’s association with the yellow metal is legendary. Right from the time it was a pearl fishing town to the glitzy commercial hub that it has become today, the lure of its gold trade has grown gradually. Dubai’s famous Gold Souk, one of the largest retail and wholesale jewellery markets in the world, started in the 1900′s with just a handful of jewellers, grew substantially in the following decades. This emirate manufactures and imports hundreds of tons of jewellery every year from various countries which has made Dubai as the regional jewellery distribution hub and one of the largest jewellery trading centers in the Middle East.  The low margin and high turnover principle followed by the jewellers in Dubai resulted in offering some of the world’s best jewellery at the world’s best price. This made Dubai as the ‘City of Gold’ and the ‘Jewellery Destination of the World’ where wholesale and retail customers come to source their required Jewellery.

Dubai Pavilion

The Dubai Pavilion showcases some of the locally manufactured highest quality gold & diamond jewellery, modern mounting techniques, iconic machine-made designs and new-age 18 karat jewellery pieces that appeal to the millennials.  Nine leading jewellery companies from Dubai will offer a diverse mix of locally designed and manufactured jewellery along with some of the finest designs sourced from other Asian countries. Some of our exhibitors are regulars at the show while some are new, looking for sustainable business partnerships from their counterparts in the United States.  

Below are the short profiles of exhibitors.

  1. Au Finja offers 18, 21, 22 karat and CNC & Machine-made finest quality gold Jewellery with a focus on wrist fashion. Their classic wrist-wear designs showcase impeccable quality and craftsmanship. www.aufinja.com  
  2. Bhaskar Devji Jewellers specializes in handcrafted traditional Arabic designs, their specialty is high quality finishing on traditional branded jewellery. www.devji.com   
  3. Viaraa Mountings - Vairaa Mountings brings to you a collection of Classic Jewellery Mountings with a contemporary twist. This lightweight iconic 18kt collection is available in different mm sizes to meet various customer demands.  It features Classic tennis necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings in different prong styles.
  4. Vivaa Jewellery Trading is a well-known wholesaler of gold Jewellery of 18,21, 22 karats.
  5. Samra Dubai - The House of Samra has become synonymous with innovation, creative vision and superior quality jewellery allowing Samra to become one of the leading jewellery houses in the Gulf Region. Samra delivers flawless pieces of curated jewellery that incorporate the strictest measures of quality, design and expertise. www.samra.com
  6. Shantilal Jewellers- is a leading reputed manufacturer of 21, 22 kt gold jewellery, they specialize in bangles & bands. www.scsgold.com
  7. Oasis Jewels (ORO)- is well known for exquisite craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology to create an ORO collection. ORO creation is a bespoke wrist-wear that is extraordinary by design, quality excellence that it perfectly blends tradition and modernity. www.worldoforo.com
  8. La Marquise is well known for the transformation of precious stones and diamonds into spectacular pieces of fine jewellery which are unique and splendid in their formation. Appealing to all tastes with a wide variety of exquisite and trendsetting designs, La Marquise’s customized approach and the inclusive portfolio has attracted the attention of the fashion industry and is graced by women belonging to almost every segment of society. Today, La Marquise has grown into a chain of retail outlets in major shopping centers and luxury hotels and resorts across UAE, Russia, UK, Turkey, Brazil, Qatar, Hong Kong, and India www.lamarquisejewellery.com
  9. Ithra Dubai - Deira is the vibrant cornerstone of Dubai’s trading legacy and a place rich in culture and overflowing with history. From the waterfront apartments overlooking The Creek, to an extension of the Deira Gold Souk, the development by Ithra Dubai will create a bustling hub of life and business that will add to the already rich tapestry woven by communities past and present. It will become a place in which people realize their potential and find the true meaning of home. Covering a GFA area of 1,181,025 ft2, the new Gold Souk Extension will host approximately 295 retail units and 250 offices, in addition to 468 high quality residences. For more information about The Gold Souk Extension please visit www.deiraenrichmentproject.com

Strategic representation of Dubai’ jewellery sector at JCK

The Dubai Pavilion at JCK will be jointly represented by Dubai Industries and Exports (Dubai Government entity to promote trade and export) Dubai Jewellery Group (trade body for the gold and jewellery sector in Dubai), DMCC (Free zone authority which focuses on gold and diamond trade), Ithra Dubai (key development stakeholder for the gold and jewellery sector). These entities join hands to promote the jewellery trade locally and globally through strategic initiatives. To discover the true Dubai potential, visit www.dedc.gov.ae  www.dubaicityofgold.com  www.dmcc.ae