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June 10-13, 2022
The Venetian Expo | Las Vegas, NV

JCK Industry Fund

By the industry for the industry, JCK Industry Fund supports projects that will have the most sustainable impact to improve the growth and health for the industry at large.

New in 2021: Diversity & Inclusion Grant

The JCK Industry Fund Committee has designated a specific grant dedicated to supporting greater inclusivity within the fine jewelry and watch industries by supporting BIPOC initiatives, along with all the other great causes that will be funded in 2021 based on general grant submissions. Organizations who would like to create or enhance existing programs that support increased inclusion within the U.S. jewelry industry are encouraged to develop their ideas and apply for funds. JCK Industry Fund and Diversity & Inclusivity recipients will be announced in early 2021.

About the Fund

The JCK Industry Fund’s mission is to assess and prioritize grant requests from all sectors of the jewelry industry, and to invest those available funds to projects that will have the most sustainable impact to improve growth and health for the industry at large.

The JCK Industry Fund was created in 1997 for the purpose of deploying funds donated by JCK, and more recently with added donations from the industry at large. As the fund increases in size and scope, monies are directed to where they are needed the most, and where significant impacts can be attained. Administered by a board comprised of executives from a broad scope of the industry, JCK Industry Fund has given more than $6M to worthy grant recipients to date.

The 2021 Committee Members

Yancy Weinrich
Chief Growth Officer, Reed Exhibitions

Sarin Bachmann
Group Vice President, Reed Jewelry Group

John Green
President & CEO,
Lux Bond & Green

Eddie LeVian
Le Vian

Michael Lerche
Goldstar Jewellery, LLC

Sam Sandberg
A. Jaffe

2022 Grant Applications

JCK Industry Fund 2022 grant applications will open on October 2021, more information to come.

Congratulations to Our 2021 Grant Recipients

Black in Jewelry Coalition, to develop business education resources, fostering the ethical inclusion of diverse professionals and reshaping the jewelry and watch career pipeline, and to offer Black jewelry professionals greater access to opportunities at future industry events.

Diamonds Do Good, to support an effective digital strategy that will re-engage with consumers and provide resources to retailers that promote the positive message of natural diamond communities.

Gem Legacy, to increase diversity and inclusivity in the jewelry industry by empowering Black miners; support sustainable, responsible practices in the gemstone supply chain; and increase consumer confidence in the colored gem industry supply chain.

International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA), to support the artisanal mining sector, helping to improve the lives of artisanal miners and their families, protect the environment and promote community sustainability.

Jewelers Security Alliance (JSA), to fund initiatives that will reduce credit fraud against retail jewelers through education, technical resources and increased cooperation between businesses and law enforcement.

Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC) in support of its advancements in consumer-facing projects to ensure the reputation of the jewelry industry remains high in the mind of the consumer.

Mercury Free Mining (MFM), to support the urgent need to expand testing and implementation of mercury-free gold ore processing technologies and a communications program to help the jewelry industry protect its credibility in the marketplace and with consumers.

Women's Jewelry Association (WJA), in support of educational resources and professional development opportunities for its Gender Equality Project.